Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fondant Decorating Class: Week 3

Last week in cake class we started our Quilling Flowers. It ended up being a little bit more work then we planned, so Jessica and I went back this Tuesday to finish cutting out our flower petals, centers and leaves. We also used green paste and clear vanilla to cover our sticks. Then we set it aside and hoped it would dry well enough to use for class tonight. 

 Tonight we started class by assembling our flowers. I had issues with some of my centers so I re-cut some centers and will assemble my last two flowers before book club tomorrow night. (Wow, I've sure spent a lot of time at Randi's house lately. )
 After assembling our flowers we also cute out smaller flowers. I LOVE fondant. To me its like playing with play dough and tonight it was kind of like using cookie cutters. From the looks of my board I was caught up in the fun. We also made a few daisies. They are so much easier then making daisies with Royal Icing! 

We only have one more class left. We will learn how to make marshmallow fondant (so far we've only used store bought fondant), put fondant on a cake and then we will assemble our final projects. We won't be meeting for cake class for 2 weeks so I have some time to brainstorm about my final project. 

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