Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

On Saturday night we went to Kim's house to make gingerbread houses. We started the night off with Taco soup. It was so good!

Then we cleared the table off so we could get it dirty with home building supplies. We used gingerbread graham crackers and a huge variety of candy. It was the first time I've built a gingerbread house, I think it is a new tradition. 

(Left to right) Jessica's house, my house, Kim's house. 

Since I'm such a perfectionist, I built most of our house. But I had an almost melt down while building the roof, so I had Josh take over while I played with Lizzy. I also wore my PCOS sisterhood bracelet. ;)

The gable was the hardest part to do (well the entire roof was hard). We each ended up doing something different. I liked mine the least. 
The side. Josh insisted on shingling the roof. He loved that he could do it without actually climbing on the roof. I don't think he misses building houses as all. 
Kim & Brandon's house. 
They had a chimney with a Santa. 
And in the back a dog house and Brandon built an outhouse. Kim insisted on adding a wreath and Christmas lights. 

Jessica's house. I love how she actually had a opening so you could see inside. And adding a miniature Andrew and Jessica made it super cute. 
My north pole sign. I was surprised it didn't fall over on the drive home. 
My wreath. 
My dog house. 
My front yard. 
My finished project. It is now sitting on my kitchen shelf so the cats won't destroy it. 

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Jessica said...

I love how you did the wreath on your house with the red just in the center. Also maybe I'm not reading it right, but under your first picture shouldn't it be Jessica's house, my house, Kim's house?