Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Formspring Questions Answered - Bountiful Basket

I have always wondered how much comes in the bountiful baskets, so I am glad you posted pictures. In your opinion is it worth the cost or is the cost the same if you were to go buy produce from the supermarket?

To me it is worth it, but that's because I make it that way. I do not buy fruits & veggies in the store because I know if I do, I will forget I have them and they will go to waste.

Going to get a Bountiful Basket is an adventure for me. :) I have to drive about 45 minutes to the pickup location so its time I have to commit on a day off to leave my house. I also go with my cousins and we each get one. We get so excited to see what we might get. So in a way, Bountiful Basket has made eating fruits & vegetables fun for me. And because I blog about it, I feel responsible to follow through. I was so mad at myself the first week when I had to post that my lettuce went bad.

For me personally, I don't know if I do save a lot of money because I end up giving away some of the vegetables because I am such a picky eater. Each basket contains at least 2 things I don't like so if I were to buy my own fruits & veggies I wouldn't even buy them. Hopefully we'll keep more once Josh is home more often. But on the other hand, it is opening my taste buds to new fruits & vegetables. I never would have tried Bake Cauliflower if I hadn't of gotten Cauliflower in my basket.

There is a blog that I follow that makes my Bountiful Basket less scary, http://basket411.blogspot.com. They do a price comparison each week which I think is pretty cool because you can get a feel for how much you are saving. Each week they use a different store to compare so some weeks they save more then other weeks. You can see the price comparisons at http://basket411.blogspot.com/search/label/price%20comparison.


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Meka said...

I was going to tell you, in my taste of home magazine it had the most delicious recipe to use those green beans! It involves bacon and cheese and it's soooooo yummy! Let me know if you want it!