Saturday, August 8, 2009

And the winner is.....

Thank you to those who entered. I used a highly scientific approach to choose the winner.
I wrote the names down on separate pieces of paper, shook them up...
and then closed my eyes and picked one.Sorry, I used an orange pen which doesn't show up well in pictures.
My creativeness must be hibernating because I couldn't think of much for a prize.
So Meka gets to choose her own prize from the following:
1. I will hand crochet a baby blanket for you. You can choose a boy or girl print.

2. Your choice of 3 Scentsy Scents
3. This acrylic adoption stamp set (blocks not included)

4. A Wal-mart gift card for $20.

Thanks everyone for helping to spread the word about our adoption. I plan to do more giveaways in the future, but probably after our crazy, busy summer ends.

1 comment:

Meka said...

Oh my gosh! Awesome but I don't know what to pick! Those are all awesome choices. Let me get back to you tomorrow. YAY!! I am so excited!