Friday, July 17, 2009

16 and Pregnant

MTV has a series called "16 and Pregnant." I just found out that I can watch last nights episode on line. Last night the couple choose to make an adoption plan. If you have 45 minutes go HERE and watch it.

Here are some of my thoughts as I watched it.

I love how when they get to the agency they immediately talk about having an open adoption with continue communication. That is something new in the adoption world, and I don't think many people understand that after an adoption you can keep contact with the birth parents. Thank you for letting the world know it is possible.

I love how Tyler stands up to his dad and declares that his child deserves better than what they have. I love how Tyler is putting his child before himself. What selfless love these two have for their little girl. I love how they realize that this child will need more than love to do well in this world.

I loved watching them meet their birth parents. I know that someday we will get to do that, but I am so nervous. I also loved how they continued to get to know each other. I love that Tyler and Catelynn made their little girl a scrapbook, what a great idea!

Tyler's letter! I can't stop crying. I have been so impressed by Tyler. What an outstanding young man.

I wish their parents would have been more supportive. How sad for Tyler and Catelynn. The fact that they went through with their plan speaks volumes of how mature they really are, unlike their parents who threw immature tantrums and tried guilt trips.

I am so heart broken from them. Especially that Catelynn thought it would be easier if she never saw her little girl. I'm so glad she changed her mind and held her little girl.

I have mixed feelings about their case worker. She was so awesome in the beginning, helping them find a family and giving them so much support. But then in the delivery room she seemed kind of pushy. I realize the adoptive couple is waiting outside, but they will get this little girl for the rest of their lives. Catelynn and Tyler should be able to have some time to themselves so give this girl all their love.

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From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

I have watched almost all of them except this new one you are talking about. I have mixed feeling on the show. There was one that bothered me. They kept there baby and the birth father said it is your turn then the birth mom siad it is always my turn as the infant is on the couach by it self and the dad is in the kitchen and the mom is sitting by herself on the other couch and the baby is screaming while both are blaming each other. That one made me so mad because I wan't a baby so bad and would love to scoop that little bundle of joy up and say that baby. It kind of bothered me some of them. That was just my opion but I should watch this one you were talking about it sounds good. :)

~Our Family~ said...

I think that the show is good in some ways and bad in others ways.. I have watched every episode and my favorite so far is of tyler and Catelynn made an adoption plan for their little girl... I cried the whole time through out that episode... Some of the other ones made me mad and the way they treated each other and its effects on the baby(even though they probably didn't realize that the baby can feel that). I think in a sense it is a good eye opener for young girls and gives them a reason not to have sex and sometimes I think it doesn't really matter what kind of real life situations they do girls are going to keep on doing it and find themselves pregnant... I guess that they will have to deal with their actions and their choices... Sometimes I feel though that some young girls are better moms then older ones too... I guess for me I don't like to judge people for their mistakes in life.... It reminded me of the time we first meet our birthmom and daughter.. WE were nervous and everything and we hit it right off... I might be getting a visit from her soon too.. In a about a week and one day her, her mom, and her daughter are coming from Califorina.. I'm totallay excited....

Sue and Tim said...

I actually watched that episode of 16 and pregnant and it was said. You know what was so ironic. That aired in Port Huron Michigan which is 20 minutes from us. I used to be in the nuring program and I did my nursing in that hospital and that nurse was also a nurse we worked with. It was jsut weird. It was a very sad episode. I know I cried but I thought the bracelet thing was so thoughtful and creative. Tahanks for telling me about that one.

Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

I loved Catelynn and Tyler! I got chills when he told his dad that his baby deserved better. How ironic that the only mature people on that show were the two 16 year olds? I've watched all of the 16 episodes and of course this one was my favorite. No wonder they saved the best one for the season finale!

Our birth mother watched the episode (she's due in October) and she said she cried but that she felt that "our story will be better." :)