Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beautiful Baby Boutique

My friend Meka has started a store for her incredibly cute baby hair bows, flowers, and other accessories. I know I could make this kind of stuff, but I keep buying when I need them because it's easier. I'll have to start buying from her because her prices are awesome!

See, sometimes I do blog highlights just because I like them, not because I want to win something.

Update on my own giveaway, I ordered something today from Amazon.com (because we all know how much I LOVE them!) that I plan to use in an upcoming contest.

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Meka said...

Hey thanks that was so nice of you to post about my bows!!!! OH you signed up for swagbucks right? I started 2 months ago and I already have $10 in gift cards for amazon! If you missed that post I did on swagbucks email me and I will fill you in! Can't wait for your giveaway!