Friday, July 3, 2009

Tamiflu should be a diet drug

Firstly, because if you need this drug, lets face it: you are too sick to be eating anyway. You cut out tons of calories when you are this sick. And don't worry, if you suddenly think you are well enough to eat, your body will remind you that you aren't and it will do what it needs to reverse your eating efforts.

When you do start to actually feel better after a few days rest, Tamiflu is still there. If you take the pill without food, it will make you think you are sick once again and you will desire no food. Or if you read the label and see that this pill should be taken with food, you will eat as little as possible because Tamiflu makes it all taste the same... like crap. Even chocolate will no longer taste good while Tamiflu is in your system.

But despite that, I am glad to be feeling better. The first half of the week is a blur to me. I may or may not have napped in the doctor's office and followed that with a good, long cry on the phone with hubby (that freaked him out) because I was still tired. That or maybe I cried because I was informed that I had the Type 1 Influenza and should avoid ALL people. A lot of good that did me. I had to hitch a ride to the doctor because my car wouldn't start, and now that person is sick.
I also made sure to have a mattress in the front room so I could sleep in front of the TV when I was sick of sleeping in the bed. And that must be a lot of sleeping, because I never tire of sleeping in my bed, well except after countless hours... I was even to sick to do any of my favorite relaxing activities such as: read, crochet, or even soak in the tub. How sick can a person get?
Oh, and despite his best efforts (like drinking from my cup, trying to kiss me, insisting that he really does get more sleep with me coughing on him than if I were to sleep in another room, and even taking his temperature "just for fun," right after I did) Josh didn't get sick. That is so unfair! Well, maybe not. Just because I suffered doesn't mean he should to. We all know how men get when they don't feel well...
We haven't rescheduled our camping trip yet, but we will soon. After an entire week off of work, I get to return to the work force on Monday and that is when I will beg for more days off so we can take our long awaited trip.

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Elizabeth and Brian said...

Oh I am so sorry you will ill. I hate the flu bug.