Friday, June 19, 2009

Pelican Lake

This year the local newspaper has a contest. They put out a booklet of 101 Things to See & Do. I had the wild idea that it would be fun to try and do a lot of the things on the list. I know we will have a lot of fun, but I'm also hoping for some more pictures to add to our adoption profile. The contest goes until the end of September. We just have to have pictures or receipts with dates showing that we did them.

Tonight Josh got off work a little early so we decided to drive 45 minutes to Pelican Lake. Every year we talk about fishing there, but we never have. We got there at about 6:00 and by the time we had our float tubes blown up and our waders on we were in the water at about 6:30. We were supposed to be fishing for blue gill, but right away I caught 3 small mouth bass. Finally about sunset we started to catch some blue gill. We caught a total of 5 small mouth bass and 5 blue gill, but we only kept three of each. We had an absolute blast and we were still in the water after sunset.

The only bummer was that since we were in our tubes I didn't dare take my cameras. Last year I fell in because my tube wasn't fully inflated. I missed my camera so much. There was a ton of birds on the lake and they were so fun to watch. I know I could have gotten some awesome pictures if I'd have had my bigger camera. But we plan to go again and hopefully we can go with grandpa and his boat next time.
We can now check off #48 on the list - fish for bluegill on Pelican Lake.

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