Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary Melanie & Colter

It is Melanie & Colter's 3rd Anniversary today.
I had so much fun taking their pictures for their announcements. We drove up to the mountains in July. It was so pretty up there. I was short on time this morning so I choose just my favorites. It was hard to do because I took over 60 pictures that day.

This picture was my favorite, but when we printed it out the grass looked more yellow than green, so we didn't end up using it.

This is the picture we used for their announcements, or it was one similar to this. I took several pictures by these rocks and couldn't remember exactly which one we ended up going with, but I really like this picture of them, they look so happy.

Their open house was held at Melanie's parents August 11th. It was such a pretty day. Most days the wind blows in the upper country, but that day it only did for a little while while we were setting up. It really was perfect weather for an outside reception. We put a lot of time and work into getting the yard ready and it all turned out so nice. I think I took over 90 pictures this day! But I find that when you take too many pictures you have a better chance of getting the perfect picture.

I took this picture before the guest started arriving.
At sunset I was worried because we hadn't taken pictures of them and it was getting dark. But they turned out perfect with the sunset. I couldn't have asked for a better picture.
Melanie's aunt made their cake. Isn't it pretty. Oh and isn't Melanie's dress pretty. We spent all day in the city looking for a dress. That night when I got home I was going through our mail and found a Chadwick's catalog that had this dress in it.
Happy Anniversary Melanie & Colter!

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Melanie said...

The slide show turned out amazing!! Someday if you don't mind I will have to take lessons from you so you can teach me how to do neat stuff like that.