Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do you know a 10 lb. cat can weigh double her weight after 50 steps?

We've been trying to walk every night with Sage. Lately we've not done too well, but tonight we decided we better get with it and get in shape because we have a big hike planned over the 4th of July weekend.

We got down the road about 500 yards and Josh turned around to get Sage to come and he noticed something following us down the hill. Pyro had decided to join us on our walk. We go down the road about half a mile and then turn around and come back. She wouldn't go home, so I carried her. She is a heavy cat after half a mile! On the way back our neighbor was driving by on his motorcycle and he stopped to visit. After a few minutes Pyro was getting restless (and heavier) so I told Josh I would see him at the house.

After I had been home for a few minutes I heard the neighbor go by so I decided to walk back down and meet Josh. When I got down there we turned around to notice that not only did Pyro follow me this time, but Zipper was with her. Even Missy had ventured off of the porch to half way down the yard (that is a BIG adventure for her!). I think they are all jealous of the time we spend with Sage.

Since I'm being lazy and don't want to do another post I'll give a quick run down of this week. Monday - Doctor's appointment; Tuesday - Blood work (I still have a big bruise!); Wednesday - Eye appointment (new contacts); Thursday - work's annual meeting picnic (we served about 1200 people); Friday - dentist (just a cleaning, but now I have to go back and have some serious = expensive work done). I am tired after this week.

But we do have some good news, we are getting ready for our camping trip. We are both so excited. Josh is very familiar with the mountains and he has chosen a pretty place with a not to bad hike for us to go. Today we bought my hiking shoes! We still need back packs, water filter, and a few other things, but we are getting excited!

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Teah said...

We had a cat named Callie that would follow us every time we would go on a walk. Unfortunately once she got lost because we went into a building(to vote) and when I came out she wasn't there. It was only three blocks to our house so I figured she went home. When we go home she wasn't there. We waited a little while then walked back. I found her crying in the bushes a little way from where we were. At least she tried to find her way home.