Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For three year olds???

I was browsing around the Internet when I saw an AD for a PDA...for 3 year olds. What has our world come to that we think we need to give children their own PDA? I can't believe the people I see everyday that can't go a second without their cell phones and other technological devices. I had a guy come in earlier this week to start a new account. I kid you not.... he would write a few letters and then push a button on his cell phone (which looked like it was permanently attached to his ear). Five minutes later he was only to the 3rd line!

And don't get me started on people's grammar. It drives me nuts! Last month I was invited to the Jr. High to help with their "Reality Town." They take a student's GPA and based on that assign them a career. They also are randomly assigned families. Then they are given a list of bills and told to go pay everything. It was really interesting and I think it is a great thing for the students. These students are in 7th and 8th grade. Some of them couldn't spell! I just couldn't believe it.
Just so everyone knows, we turn our cell phones off when we get home and don't turn them on AT ALL during the weekend. And if that isn't shocking enough...we also DON'T text. That's right, we use our cell phones are regular telephones; we use them to call and talk to other people on their phones.

On a completely different subject. I was slated for an hour off of work today and I have no idea why. I've had the feeling all week I was supposed to do something on Wednesday, but I don't know what. But now I need time off tomorrow so I guess I'll put in a full day today... Stay tuned tomorrow for something new!

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Brady and Richelle said...

oh how DARE you put that picture of me up--i look so tired :( you look cute though!! that was a long but fun day