Thursday, June 11, 2009

Upper Stillwater

Last night we took a drive up to the mountains after work. We have taken Sage on a few car rides, but each time I have held her by her leash through the back window. She has gotten much better and now seems to enjoy the rides. This time we decided that we wouldn't hold her back and see how she did. She almost fell out about 20 yards from the driveway, but did fine the rest of the time. I think the problem is she was used to meeting resistance when she leaned out and this time it wasn't there to stop her. It was hard to get pictures because she wouldn't hold still, but here is a few. Just as we got there last night she decided she was bored/lonely and she climbed in through the back window. We love to go to Upper Stillwater/Rockcreek when the water is overflowing over the dam. It's so beautiful and peaceful. It makes me feel so small when I see the massive waterfall.
We took some family pictures. (Have I said before how much I LOVE my camera, especially the self timer!)
It was hard to get Sage to sit still and look at the camera so I cropped her not so good side out of this last picture.
We hope she will want to play in the water, but since it was cold we only let her get a drink.
The trees are LOADED this year with pine cones.
We are so grateful to live where the mountains are only a few minutes away.

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Brady and Richelle said...

i've never been up there but it looks beautiful. sage is so stinkin cute!! your pictures are pretty too!!