Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Over the last year, I have found a new love.

I'm not talking about Blue. (But yes, I did fall in love with him over the last year too.)

I'm talking about the products behind him. (Which I should mention have more than tripled since I took this picture.)

I'm talking about Younique cosmetics & skin care.

Yes, this girl, who didn't even wear makeup to her own wedding, has finally discovered the beauty of makeup. 

It started slowly. 

At first, all I used was their 3D Fbiberlash mascara. But after having my eyes go from blah to WOW, I was hooked. 

I started to play with the eye makeup, but only in the neutral colors.

Then I tried the liquid foundation. (More like photoshop in a bottle!) 

After that, there really was no looking back. 

 This spring, I realized I love these products so much, I might as well get paid to buy my own makeup, so I signed up as a Younique Presenter. How could I say no to a 20% commission on all my purchases, paid within hours of the order being placed? 

Really, the better question was why did it take me over a year to realize this??

But then I couldn't stop there. 

I want to share these amazing products! So I decided to sell them to my family and friends. I even invested in building an inventory so I could provide faster service to my customers.  (This is where I should mention, within a month, I had reached the next level and was earning 25% commission.)

Through this I have found a few things. 

I have made some amazing new friends. 

I've also learned that I love color on my eyes. Not just neutral browns and creams, but blue, green, and purple! I have loved trying so many new looks. Josh has loved it too. I didn't think he would notice something like that, but just the other day he told me he loved the blue on my eyes. And he asked when I was going to wear the purple lip color again

I have loved finding my inner confidence. I really struggle with my body image. But when I have my makeup on, I feel like I can conquer the world. And I feel like I want to take better care of my body. I love feeling beautiful.

And I have learned... I LOVE red lipstick! 

I could go on and on about these products. Or about how I love throwing home parties and online parties! (Please book a party, I have so many fun ideas I can't wait to try.)

 I was never going to be that girl, I didn't think I had time. Turns out, I just had to find a product I could love and stand behind 110%. (Now, if I could just better figure out how to take a selfie without taking 500 photos just to get one good one.)

I put off spending the $99 to join, but I wish I hadn't. It was the best money I ever spent, no, INVESTED in myself. 

I would love to share this love with you. We can host a party so you can earn free products. Or I really need to practice make overs if you don't mind being my test dummy. Or you can just place an order on my website:

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