Monday, October 31, 2011

Nephew Blocks

Each time we get together to make kits, I realize we could do this on our own. But its just so easy to buy them from the Idea Closet because I lack the creativity to come up with something entirely on my own.

Then a few months ago, I had an idea on my own. I have always wanted to keep a few pictures at my desk of my nephews, but because of infertility issues, I haven't. I'm proud to claim to be their aunt, but it gets hard emotionally having to explain that they aren't my kids. So I decided I needed a nephew brag board. I first thought about doing a metal one and using magnets to hang pictures, but with the way my desk is situated, I was worried I'd have to hang it in a corner of my office I don't look at often.

So I decided to make my own block kit and set it on my desk. I had no idea how I was going to get the blocks cuts, but then my friend Randi mentioned a store in Salt Lake called the Wood Connection. I told her what I had in mind, and the next time she was out there, she bought the blocks for me. I had her buy 2 sets so that eventually I can make another set for home. And as the family grows, I'll probably end up make a nieces set too.

The hardest part was finding something to hold the picture up. I know I could have used a clothes pin, but that seems tacky, and I was afraid of how much of the picture it would cover up. I asked around at several stores and finally one store had these little clear blocks with several sticks in them. I just used some wire cutters to cut the sticks off the little block and they were perfect.

I've slowly been working on these over the past few months and finally finished them up last week. Then the hardest part became choosing only a few favorite pictures. Every picture of my nephews is a favorite picture. ;)

I love how they look on my desk. I took the above picture in a different spot because the sun was shinning in my window really bad and I couldn't get a decent picture. That's why the one below isn't as good. But that is where they are on my desk where I can look at them all day long.


Tammy said...

SO Cute, What a good aunt you are.

JESSICA said...

I'm way impressed! How did you decide what heights to have the blocks cut? Your creativity is amazing!