Saturday, October 1, 2011

UPDATE - August Swap Group - Picture Frames

Remember THIS post where I talked about swap group and how we learned to make picture frames?

I finally finished mine today. In August, we all agreed that we would finish them and bring them to Swap Group in October to show off our final project. October Swap night is on Tuesday, so I just barely finished mine in time. 

I LOVE how mine turned out.

 I have a few more to assemble, but we need to buy some new bits for our drill. Have I ever mentioned this drill? We were driving down the road one day and found it. There was no name on the case or the drill so we took it home. It didn't have a battery charger, so I watched for one to go on sale. Several months later ran a sale for 60% off! So we now have this wonderful drill, for only $40. But apparently it needs some drill bits still. Then I can finish my other frames and a few other projects I have going on right now. 

I can't wait for Swap Group this coming week. I bought the supplies I needed on Thursday. It is going to be fun. 

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Jessica said...

I love how yours turned out! I had Andrew help me screw mine together this weekend, but unfortunately, it won't be all the way finished come Tuesday. :( Hopefully soon though! Can't wait for Tuesday!