Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Yesterday I was excited all day long. I dressed up for work, even though I was pretty sure I would be the only one. But I didn't care because I love this time of year so much. I then spent all day singing "Its the most wonderful time of the year." Not to get in the mood for Christmas, but just because I was so happy all day long.

Lastly, I watched the clock ALL DAY. I swear it was moving backwards! I just wanted to get off of work and go see my nephews decked out in their costumes. So I patiently (and not patiently) waited for closing time. And then I was off.

First stop, was my mom's to see my sister and her two boys.

We don't get any trick or treaters at our house, I use that as an excuse to buy something bigger then a small candy bar for my nephews. Since Daxen is too young for food, I bought him a onesie and some socks. Actually, I ended up giving both boys a John Deere Tractor onesie too. I had bought them for Christmas gifts, but then became worried they wouldn't fit by then. It was probably a good idea, Daxsen is already getting so big, and he's only 2 months old.

Oh.My.Gosh, Valex was the cutest lion EVER. His treat was a bag of animal crackers and another bag of mini chocolate chip cookies. He immediately handed me both bags so I could open them for him. He's eating a cookie in the picture below. LOVE that little boy to pieces.

Daxsen was a monkey. Vanessa did such a good job of picking out warm outfits, but for once in like 10 years, the weather was actually nice for the night. That just means that it will be crappy rainy/snowy weather for the next 10 years. :p

The boys needed a break from being loaded in and out of the car. So we took them out of their costumes so they could eat some lunch. 

I kept telling Valex there was a tiger on him bum, but I don't think he got it. Here is he helping hand out candy to some trick or treaters.

Me and Daxsen chilling.

While my mom was filling her glass out of the fridge door, Valex came over to help. We joked that before long he would be tall enough to reach the dispenser himself. 

Not two seconds later he showed us he had learned a new trick for Halloween by proving us wrong and reaching the water dispenser and squirting himself in the face. He thought it was great fun. My mom's fridge has a lock button on it so she set it. 

Except she missed, and he got squirted again. After that, she got it on lock. He tried for a few minutes, before running off to find trouble elsewhere. But everyone time someone got a drink of water, he recognized the sound and ran over to try it himself.

I had to get one last picture with them before they went one way to see grandpa and I headed the other way to get dinner and then go home to wait for my other nephews to come visit. 

Daxsen playing with a piece of my costume.

Earlier in the day, I ran down on my lunch break to see my brother Alden dressed up. He was a gangster. I loved all the tattoos up his legs, arms and around his neck. I asked for a picture, which he smiled for, until I reminded him to look the part. When did this boy grow up into such a handsome man?

At home, we were visited by a Bumblebee Transformer (Preston) and another monkey (Tyler). We were their last stop of the night so they were pretty tired.

A few weeks ago, I asked Preston what he wanted for his Halloween treat. He thought for a second and then told me "gummy worms, the sour kind." Then he thought for another second and told me Tyler wanted M&M's. I double checked with Melanie and she said M&M's were a good idea for Tyler.

I was delighted that they also brought me a treat for Halloween. They must know my love for Halloween and pumpkins runs deep because they got me this cute pumpkin serving bowl. I think I"ll use it for Thanksgiving and then I look forward to using it for Halloween and Thanksgiving next year. 

Tyler really wasn't as grumpy as he looks in this photo. But the picture turned out so cute with the pouty face. 

I was delighted to come home to a treat all my own. I think he finally listened to all those hints I've been dropping. I was so excited to get flowers that I brought them to work today so I can better enjoy them. Just another way to realize I probably spend more time at work then at home. :p At least awake hours. But with them at work I can look at them all day long, instead of just in the morning as I get ready for work and again at night when I get ready for bed.

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You got your husband home for Halloween also! Yay!