Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pie Baking Class Night 2

I LOVED the pic making class. I feel so much better about making pies then I ever have before. Which has Josh pretty happy, now he thinks I should make pies all the time. He took the apple pie with him yesterday when he went back to work. He said they loved it and even licked the pie plate clean.

Last night, we had to choose to make a creme pie (banana or coconut) or a berry pie. I decided to make both so I could get that much more practice in. It was a busy night for me, but I'm glad I went with both pies.

My first pie crust didn't turn out as good, but it was still good. Here's a picture of it baking in the oven. The teachers use the beans to help hold your crust down. I think its a good idea, but I probably won't do it on my own. Its an extra step that I don't want to hassle with. (Truth be know, I don't have any beans and even though they are cheap, I don't want to buy any.)

While my first crust was baking, I assembled my berry pie. I had a deep pie dish, so I used 2 bags of raspberries and one bag of blackberries. I forgot to take a picture of the filling, so I folded back my top crust for a quick picture. It looked so good and it hadn't even baked yet. 

My berry pie going into the oven. After about 30 minutes, we put tinfoil around the edges and let it bake a little longer.

My coconut cream pie all finished. I was the only one to make it, every one else made banana cream. That made for a slight misunderstanding while I was trying to make my filling. I had to add my cornstarch at a different time then every one else, but we missed it. We couldn't figure out why my pudding wasn't thickening. Finally, Jessica and I reread the directions and figured out I was supposed to add my cornstarch when my mixture started to boil (which had been quite a while before). After we figured it out, my pudding thickened up quickly. 

We had made a big patch of apple pie filling the night before, but didn't have a way to take it home. So last night, they divided it all up in little baggies. Now I have no excuse to not make another pie. 

My berry pie as it came out of the oven. I think only one other person made a berry pie, but theirs was about 45 minutes behind mine so wasn't close to being done. The class thought I should cut into mine and share. But if you know me, Savannah doesn't share well with people, at least people she doesn't know well. 

I have to take a pot luck to a scrapbooking workshop on Saturday. So I think I'll save my pies until then and take them with me. And I'll make sure I get the first slice of each. ;) I can't wait to try them.

I had so much fun taking these classes with Jessica. The teachers were talking about maybe offering a candy making class around Christmas. I hope they do so I can take it too.

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