Monday, November 7, 2011

Secretary Day

Each year my company is great to give us a small thank you gift on Administrative Professionals Day. (I still call it Secretary Day though. I wanted to be a secretary while growing up, not an administrative professional.) This year they gave us a gift certificate to use at a local boutique store. I just loved how the store made it so cute.

Even though I received this in the spring, I am just finally used it this weekend. When we went to Swiss Days, Jessica bought some wrapping paper. I wanted to buy some too, but didn't. Ever since then, I have regretted it. I was so excited to see the store I had my gift certificate for had some. I didn't even have to look around at the other stuff, I knew that was how I wanted to spend my gift certificate. I bought a Christmas one and then a neutral one to use for birthdays. I can use blue ribbon to make it boyish or pink to make it girlish. These rolls are thick, so they should last me for a long time.

Gaby being a pill. She kept swiping at my feet each time I walked by this bag that was on the floor.

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