Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pie Baking Class Night 1

This week, Jessica and I are taking a pie baking class. This is the class I was most excited about. A few years ago, I tried to make a pie. BIG FAIL. Which resulted in a BIG meltdown on my part. I can't hold myself together when something falls apart in my kitchen. After that, I vowed off pies, unless they came in a box with Marie Callender on it.

Last night was so much fun. And by the end of the night, I had a pie that I had made all by myself. I was so proud.

Rolling out the bottom crust.

Putting it in the pan. Most of the class did it by lining up the wax paper and then peeling it off, but I followed Jessica and rolled my dough up on my rolling pin and then rolled it out in the pan. 

I had to buy a pie plate last minute before the class. I was the only one there with a deep dish. But I was only able to fill it with the same amount as everyone else so there would be enough apple pie filling to go around. 

Rolling out the top crust.

When we pinched the edges, I again chose to just follow Jessica's example. Every one's looked the same and I'm not entirely sure how we did it differently, but this way worked so I'll keep doing it. 

We each cut a different design in our pies. I went for kind of a sunburst effect. 

My pie is the back right one and Jessica's is the back left one. 

I love how my pie turned out. I wanted to dig in right then. But I decided to send this one to work with Josh and then keep one of the pies I'll be making in tonight's class. 

Our class with the teachers on the back row. They were the same teachers that taught the bread class. The teacher behind Jessica has won several awards for her pie making skills in local fairs, etc.

Both of our pies turned out great. But of course the best part was being able to take this class with my best friend.

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