Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bread Cooking Class Night 1

A few weeks ago, Andrew saw some cooking classes advertised in the paper. So he called and told Jessica and mentioned he thought we would enjoy taking them together. Of course, he was right. So Jessica called me. She said I probably didn't need the first class, because it was bread. I thought that was a great compliment, but I agreed with Andrew. I thought it would be fun to take the class together.

I had hoped to learned lots of new stuff, but for me personally, I spent most of the night saying, "That's not how Barb does it." "Barb's recipe has a lot more ingredients." "Barb would do it this way." To me, the night ended up being a great compliment to my mother in-law. She has taught me well when it comes to baking bread. :) The class bread was good too, but I decided I like Barb's recipe and methods a lot more.

Our hands were dirty from working with the dough, so I didn't start taking pictures until our bread was in the pans to raise. Jessica and I were each able to make 2 loaves.

While the bread was raising and baking, the teachers decided to make up some roll dough so we could practice making dinner rolls (which we will go over more thoroughly in tonight's class). I had taught myself to roll out rolls and I was pleased to see the teachers do it the exact same way. But in the end, I couldn't help being a show off, so I made some knotted rolls instead. 

Between the class, we made like 14 loaves of bread. So I got a picture of one of the very full ovens. 

Once the bread came out of the ovens, it was hard to keep track of which one was made by who. The only one we knew for certain was the one in the stoneware, which was mine. At the end of the night we each just grabbed a couple loaves and rolls to take home and enjoy.

Just like in cake class, we decided to end each night with an "apron" picture. I LOVE our apron pictures. Notice me in my Halloween apron, I was in denial yesterday that Halloween is officially over until next year. I'm even wearing my pumpkin shirt under the apron.

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