Monday, November 7, 2011

Dinner with my family

Around Father's Day, I talked about getting together with all my siblings and having dinner with our dad. But we couldn't all find a day that would work, and it eventually got forgotten. Then a few weeks ago, I decided to try again. We were finally able to get together on Sunday at my house for dinner.

I forgot to take pictures of the food, because I was distracted by this cutie, wearing his super cute outfit I bought him.

And this cutie. He actually came in a different shirt, but got it dirty during dinner. Vanessa was just going to leave him in the dirty one, until I told her I had a new shirt for him. I had also bought a car seat cover for Daxsen.

Our menu included
Marinated Meat (my dad's favorite)
Mashed Potatoes
Twice Baked Cauliflower
Blackberry Limeade
Frozen Pink Lemonade Pie

I guess I didn't make enough because everyone ones plates were licked clean and there was no food left in the serving containers except Jello, which I sent home with Valex.

Gaby is such a wild thing, but she seemed to like Alden. I couldn't believe it when I saw him holding her and she wasn't biting him. I wish she would be that calm for me.

Valex would put his hand on the chair and she would pat it. He thought that was great fun.

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