Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gaby meets Sage

We have started letting Sage come in at night that its getting colder. Poor dog just wants to be friends but all the cats hate her. Gaby included. She did NOT like meeting Sage for the first time.  The first night Sage slept inside, I heard Gaby his and hit the door of her kennel several times throughout the night.

I think this is the only time she has gotten close to Sage. Now, as soon as she hears her, Gaby runs into the kitchen and hides behind the washer. She can recognize the sound of Sage coming up the stairs to come in and the sound of the kennel being opened so Sage can get out and stretch in the morning before going back outside.

The other morning I was on my exercise bike and Gaby was in the middle of the front room. She heard the kennel open and she SHOT into the kitchen. She was going so fast she couldn't stop in the tile to go around the fridge. She didn't stop until she slid into the wall at the far end of the kitchen. Then she ran back towards the fridge and skidded around it before finally finding safety behind the washer. All before Sage was even out of the bedroom and down the hall.

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