Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bread Cooking Class Night 2

I thought last nights class was a little more fun. We started by making a dough recipe that can be turned into dinner rolls or cinnamon buns. After mixing the dough, we split it in half so we could make both. First we make our rolls, so they would have time to rise.

Then we started on our cinnamon buns. I had never made those before, so I was excited to learn something new. We punched our dough out into a rectangle. Then we spread it with butter and sprinkled it with sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon powder. 

Then we rolled it up and cut it into the rolls. 

While our rolls baked and our cinnamon rolls raised, we went over some other recipes that I am excited to try. Then our rolls came out and we lightly brushed them with butter. 

The teacher already had the frosting made, so as soon as our cinnamon rolls came out, we brushed them with frosting. Everything looked so good!

Jessica and I each made 10 rolls and 10 cinnamon rolls, so we ended up with 20 of each. I love how its all from one recipe. I can get up in the morning and match a batch of dough. Then turn half into cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then turn the rest into dinner rolls for that evening. 

A group picture of our class, with our instructors on the back row.

I'm so glad I took this class. I don't know that I learned a lot, but I loved hanging out with my best friend for 2 nights. Next week we go back again to learn pies. 

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