Monday, December 5, 2011

Gingerbread Houses 2011

Last Friday, the ECC's got together at Kim's house to make gingerbread houses. I'm so glad we have made this a tradition.

First Kim made us a delish meal, pizza pinwheels. They were so yummy!

Then we got ready to put our houses together. I'm smiling now, but I wasn't later.

 I don't know what went wrong, but our house just would not set up. I dyed my icing and I don't know if that made it less gluey or what, but my house was major drama, at least for me. After leaving for a few minutes to calm down, I tried again...using Kim's hot glue gun. 

 Our house on the left, Kim's house in the middle, Jessica's on the right.

Our house ended up being a hunting lodge. Everything is stuck on with hot glue, except the peeps. I used the frosting on them. Then I went over the seams of the house with the frosting to hide the hot glue.

I found a box of gingerbread crackers shaped like people. I decided to put us out front. Red hair for me and a cowboy hat for Josh. 

I also found a few different peeps and had to get them. 

Brandon & Kim's house. 

With a side yard for their dog to run around in. Remember to never eat yellow snow.

Andrew & Jessica's House.

I love that she tiled her roof. 

Josh showing off his twirled mustache.

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Jessica said...

The night started and ended well so we can just forget the middle part, right? ;)