Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve 2011

This year, we decided to do another fondue party (I think its now tradition). And just like last year, we had way too much food, but it was all so good.

We were excited that Todd & Randi (and their cute little boy) could join us for the night. The gummy bears and marshmallows were a big hit for the little guy. 

Since everything was so good last year, we decided to make all the sauces again. We had Parmesan Fondue, Cider Cheese Fondue, Strawberry Fondue, Caramel sauce and melted chocolate. It was all so good! For a while we just all stood around the crockpots dipping our food. I don't think it was until round two (of many rounds) of eating that we finally started using plates. 

We also had meat for the guys. Josh brought elk steaks (sorry no picture of that). Then Kim & Brandon brought meatballs and the little mini hot dogs. 

Then they also brought bacon wrapped tator tots. Those were such a hit, they were halfway gone before I could get a picture.

We each got some fun new Wii games for Christmas, so we spent the night playing Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Just Dance 3, a Broadway Dance game, Mario Cart and other games. We always have such a blast with everyone when we get together.

At midnight we watched the ball drop (well, I guess that was a replay for us since we are 2 hours behind). Then we went outside and lit off a few fireworks that were left over from July. Thankfully it wasn't near as cold as last year. In fact, Josh says it was 64 degrees warmer then last year. Last year, when we got to the party it was a negative 32 degrees. This year it was 32 degrees, but in the positives.

Josh and I stayed the night at Andrew & Jessica's and the next morning we went out to breakfast. Because of our small town, it was hard to find somewhere open. We had a blast and are already talking about what we want to do next year.

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Jessica said...

It's fun seeing my blog linked to the caramel sauce on your blog! Great firework picture also!