Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

Last year, I decided to slowly start redoing my tree. I wanted some nice (pricey) stuff, but I only bought 7 of the big red Gerber daises. I had a plan to buy a nice thing a year over the next three or four years.

That plan worked....last year. This year I got carried away and bought several new things, including some more of the red daisies. I LOVE them. I was originally going to do red, black and silver, but I couldn't find any thing in black. I know I could have stuck to my plan and looked again next year, but by the last store, I decided I wanted my tree to be perfect THIS year, so I switched to green, red & silver. Right now it only has one green thing (some more beautiful flowers) so I might try to find one more green thing for next year.

So far, Gaby has stayed out of the tree, for the most part. She has tried to drink the water a few times, but I remembered the asprin we put in the water for the tree, so we've tried to keep her away. I did want a different type of tree, but decided this kind might be harder for her to climb and knock stuff out of.

I also want a tree skirt. I found a few online, but they are all sold out for the season. I thought about settling for a different one, but I'm going to hold out and keep trying to find the one I loved before next year.

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Jessica said...

I love it! Especially all the sprays coming out of the top! Everything turned out just gorgeous though.