Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas

Our presents, wrapped in paper to match the colors of our tree. Can you tell I have OCD?

In the 10 years we've been married, we've never done stockings. But this year we decided to start. On a side note, there is a tree skirt that matches my stocking. It was sold out this year, but I hope to get it before next year.

Josh's stocking included:
a Chocolate orange
Reese's Snowman
Kit Kat Bars
Nutcracker Snickers
9 suckers
$30 in iTune cards
Ear buds
A book light
an Avocado peeler.

Funny story on the book light. In February, I bought a book light while on a trip so I could read while he slept. A few months later, while at home, we decided to read before bed. Josh told me we should get a second book light so we can read in bed. I told him if we were both going to read in bed, we could just leave the light on. Its been a long running joke since then.

Until 3 weeks ago when the power went out while we were eating dinner. We lit a candle to finish eating dinner, but after that we were bored. We decided to read, but we had to share the book light. We cuddled together, clipped the book light on my book and then each read different books. After a minute Josh told me he was right, we clearly needed a second book light. So the next day, I went online and ordered him one.

My stocking included:
Reese's Snowman
Kit Kat Bars
Nutcracker Snickers
A cat necklace
the Pampered Chef Bamboo serving set
Two Rascal Flatts CD's
$50 iTunes gift card

After opening our stockings, we had breakfast. Last year, Josh made crepe's. They were so good we decided to have them again this year.

Josh's gift are on the left. I gave him:
A new hoodie
the 2012 Big Game Calendar
A hunting cookbook
New winter camo (Excpet the pants were sold out, so those will be coming later.)
Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 Wii game
Cabela's Hunting 2012 Wii game
My gifts are on the right. Josh gave me:
An iHome alarm clock
a jewelry box
a pie pastry mat
Just Dance 3 Wii game
bathrobe w/ matching slippers

We each loved our gifts, but I was surprised at how much Josh loved the cook book. It was one of those after thought gifts. Randi thought she had seen a Halloween cookbook, so I gave her a check so she could get it for me. But when she went to get it, she realized it was a hunting cookbook. I told her to get it anyways. Then I just set it aside until Christmas. I'm so glad I decided to get it for him.

And he LOVES his new Wii games. He immediately put in Rock Band and played it until I had to pull him away so we could go to dinner at his parents. Well, I played it too, but not near as much. I only like playing the guitars. I played with him until I rubbed a sore spot on my thumb. But when I quit playing to get ready, he just kept playing. And then he played it again that night and again last night.

I love my iHome alarm clock. It has so many features. And the jewelry box was just what I needed. Until now, my jewelry was just thrown randomly on my dresser. It was a pain to find matching earrings and then to remember what necklaces and bracelets I had to match different outfits.

I was so excited that Barb gave me pj pants that happen to match my bathrobe and slippers.

Christmas was fabulous. But only just the beginning of our celebrations. Josh turned 30 today and I turn 29 in two weeks. Then a month later we will celebrate our 11th anniversary. Guess I should figure out what I want for my birthday.

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Jessica said...

I love that the tree skirt you want will match your stocking! So cute! Happy Birthday, Josh!