Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas with my family

We spent Christmas Eve with my mom's family. Since we weren't going to be there the next day, my siblings and I did our gift exchange then.

For John:

For Alden: (He wanted money to put towards his Wii fund.) 

For Daxsen:

For Valex:
I also bought the boys a play tunnel and a toy that rolls balls around on the floor, but I forgot to take a picture before wrapping it. As you can tell, their aunt Savannah loves to spoil them.

For my mom and sister, I made them each a scrapbook. I also did the same for Josh's mom and sister. I have been working on these books since August. I also made myself one at the same time, so total, I made 6 books. When stacked on top of each other, they were 2 feet tall. I've only included a few pictures of my favorite pages. 

I know its not normally a good thing to make your mom cry, but when I make my own gifts that is exactly the reaction I hope for. And the reaction I got. My mom and sister loved their books. The next day, my dad called to wish my a Merry Christmas and Vanessa had shown him her book and he loved it too. I hope to make this a tradition and help them build their books every year. 

Since my mom's family was able to be there, she asked one of John's friends to come take our picture. We took a few pictures before we realized John was missing. (He was upstairs playing xBox.) But I love how Daxsen and Valex look in this picture, so I had to include it.

My 2nd favorite part of the night was everyone telling me how good I look. Two days before, I hit the big 60 pounds lost mark. I decided that deserved a few new clothes so I could show it off during Christmas dinner and celebrations.

My absolute favorite part of the night was cuddling with Daxsen. We walked in the door that night, I took my coat off and then made a beeline for Vanessa so I could take him from her. I held him through all of dinner and then through most of opening presents. Right at the end my grandma begged for him by trying to convince me it would be easier to open gifts with both hands. I finally gave him up because she lives further away and doesn't see him as often. I wouldn't have passed him off to anyone else.

My uncle Glade and Tamara gave us a tub of popcorn. My aunt Renee and Janet gave us some money. My grandma gave us some mints. She gave everyone else cherry chocolates, but didn't want to screw up my hard work on my diet so she gave us the mints instead. I love that she thought of me that way. 

My brother Alden gave us a house plant and a box of stuff to start a kitchen herb garden. John gave us an itunes gifts card. Vanessa & her family gave us money that we are going to put aside for our cruise. But what I loved most was the card and the note she wrote inside. I love that I'm finally getting closer to my siblings and I love that they love it too.

My mom combined our Christmas gifts with our birthday gifts. Josh got a gift card to Cabala's. I got an assortment of Pampered Chef stuff that I've been wanting. I can't wait to use it all. I got the large bamboo tongs, the mini wire whisk and the three sizes of scoops. I also got the cake pedestal as an early birthday gift.

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Jessica said...

What great gifts you gave and received! I love your idea of adding to the scrapbooks every year especially.