Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Josh's 30th Birthday

Josh turned 30 yesterday. He thinks that makes him an old man. :p But since 30 isn't that far for me, I refuse to believe 30 is old.
We weren't able to really surprise each other for Christmas, but I was able to figure out a few surprises for his birthday.

 He's been complaining that he needs a new ice fishing pole. I was nervous to buy it on my own. I tried out a few in the store and then bought my favorite. I lucked out and bought the exact one he's been looking at.

 He's also been complaining that he needed more coyote traps. One day I got him to mention a specific kind. I knew the website he likes to buy from, so I went there and was able to find them pretty easy. But since I'm addicted to Amazon and get free shipping on most items, I decided to check there first. I was surprised Amazon had them, but they did and for the exact same price. So I ordered from Amazon. Then when Josh would ask about his birthday I would just tell him, "I found something on Amazon I'm pretty sure you'll like." He had no idea! He was thrilled when he opened the box to see it had SIX coyote traps inside.

The rest of his birthday loot included a box of cinnamon muddy bears and 2 new Wii games, Guitar Hero 5 and a Cabela's hunting game.

His birthday cake turned out kind of disastrous, so no picture of it. He wanted a chocolate cake with his grandma's fluffy white frosting. Usually I just make a regular cake and frost the top, but this time I wanted to make a round cake. Turns out the frosting is gooey and won't stick to the cake, gravity slowly pushes it downward. By the time we were ready to eat it, the cake was only covered in a thin layer of frosting and the rest had pooled around the bottom of the cake. But it was still delish.

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Jessica said...

Love that Zipper is in the last picture being petted! Andrew is excited to team up online for Guitar Hero 5. :)