Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The kitten formally know as Gaby

Each time we get a new cat, we quickly learn, no cat is the same. Gaby is no exception...by a long shot. She is the CRAZIEST kitten we have ever had. Which says a lot. Zipper was a peculiar kitten. He loved to pack stuff, like rolls of paper towels or potatoes. Ally was wild in her way. She loved to play "jump and see if I stick" in our door frames.

After those two, I didn't think it could get any worse. But Gaby, simply put, she is a terror. Nothing is safe. Nothing is calm. She is constantly in attack mode. Unless she is in stealth mode and sneaking onto the counter tops.

The day after Thanksgiving, she ate the meringue topping off of my lemon meringue pie. A few days later she ate a chunk of pizza while Josh and I were in the front room eating our pizza.  A week later, I had bought bread bowls for dinner. When we went to open them, we found she had chewed a hole through the bag and ate a chunk of the bread bowl. We just about have to put dinner away before we even eat it. Last night I cooked Josh's birthday cake. When it came out of the oven, I put it in the microwave to cool so she wouldn't sample it.

 She won't stay out of the tree. If you try to hold her, she just bites you. While playing Rock Band, each time I did the kick stand on the drums, she would pounce on my foot. We've tried yelling at her. We've tried squirting her with water when she is in trouble. But she just keeps being a terror.

A few weeks ago I renamed her. Her name is now little sh*t, or LS for short. Oh, we still call her Gaby, when she is being good, aka, sleeping.

Yes, she is being good-ish in this picture. Josh was playing with Sage and the laser pointer. But of course she had to jump in because everything is "hers". I just had to take a picture because that is the closest she has ever gotten to Sage.

She is just a ball of fur and love, err, terror.

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Jessica said...

Oh, Gaby...The problem is she is just so cute!