Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dinosaur Train on the Heber Creeper

This weekend, I took my sister and her kids to Heber to ride the dinosaur train.

We were there a little early, so we walked around and looked at some of the trains, and the big dinosaur. 

The Natural History Museum had brought a few skeletons and other fossils. 

While waiting for the train, the boys go to excavate a dinosaur to take home. 

Watching the engine move to the front of the train. 

Daxsen, who is usually the brave child, wouldn't get any closer than a few feet away from the dinosaur. 

Both boys loved the train ride. 

There were two dinosaurs that danced in our car. Valex cracked me up. When they first walked on, I said, "Look, dinosaurs!" He looked at me and said, "No, there are just costumes." But by the end, he was dancing on the seat with them. 

It was a fun day spent with some of my favorite people. 

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Jessica said...

What a fun thing for you to do with your nephews!