Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My 29th birthday

My birthday was pretty low key this year, for a few reasons. I want a few big items for my presents, but due to other financial obligations, I've decided its best to wait until I go and get spoiled. And the hubs was out of state hunting, so for the most part it was just me.

The night before, I made a new cookie recipe, Hot Chocolate Cookies, to take to work and share. They were so yummy, much better then birthday cake. Even though I'll still have birthday cake once Josh gets home. :) He's going to make me my favorite, Cranberry Cake.

I spent all day getting love over the phone and facebook from my family and friends. That made me feel extra special. Then last night, Jessica and I went to dinner at my favorite restaurant Casa Rios. I was sad to not spend my birthday with my husband, but spending it with my best friend was just as good. She gave me one of the Rascal Flatts cd's I didn't have yet and then some Pampered Chef tongs that had been discontinued before I feel in love with Pampered Chef. She has had a set like them for years, and each time I use them at her house I can't stop saying how much I love them. But when I started ordering from Pampered Chef, they had changed the design of these tongs. I bought them anyways, but was sad to not get the same ones as Jessica. I guess she spent quite a bit of time on eBay trying to find them for me. I was so excited to get them!

Last weekend I bought myself one small present, a new camera case for my digital camera. I was at the Coach store with Jessica when I found it for 50% off and I had a coupon for another 30% off! I couldn't pass that deal up.

Gaby was also excited to get her own Coach bag. My purchase bag was on the floor and she has hauled it all around the house. Now I can't bear to throw it away.

Hopefully very soon I'll be able to get the rest of my presents. I want a Kindle Fire, an exercise trampoline, another Rascal Flatts cd, and well, I'm not sure what else. But since I'm waiting I'm sure I'll come up with something else.

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Jessica said...

I was happy that I got to spend your birthday with you even though I know being with your hubby is just a tiny bit better. ;) I'm glad you love your tongs. I've been so excited to give them to you! Of course, I'm also excited about your first Coach bag as well!