Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Years 2012

The day after our New Year's party I got a text from Jessica saying that they had so much fun the night before, they wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year too. So last night we went to Andrew & Jessica's for a (mostly) Chinese dinner.

Jessica and I had found these cute hats in the city and decided to buy them for everyone.

Andrew, being the character that he is, wore his through all of dinner.

Kim & Brandon making a Chinese pose for their picture. 

The dinner table just as we're sitting down to eat. It was all so delicious!

Bulgogi, which is actually Korean, but Andrew thought it sounded good, so we had it too. I get nervous about trying new stuff, but when I saw it cooking, I recognized it as something my mom used to cook. 

I was in charge of dessert and decided to do something more Americanized, Raspberry Lemonade bars. 

Of course, the wontons were the best part of the meal. We had sausage wontons and cream cheese wontons. I ate just as many at dinner as I did before dinner while they were cooking. I was stuffed by the end of the night!

I love dinner parties at Jessica's because she always has the cutest decorations.

The girls each got a hat, chopsticks and a fan. 

The boys each got a hat, chopsticks and a Chinese finger trap.

Josh was determined to eat with his chopsticks. He did eat quite a bit with the chopsticks, but about halfway through dinner I noticed he had switched to a fork.

 I am more of a fork eater, but did try out the chopsticks for a few bites.

I feel so blessed to have these friends be a part of our lives.

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