Saturday, January 28, 2012

Preston's 5th Birthday

Today we went to Josh's parents to celebrate Preston's upcoming 5th Birthday.

I was so excited to give him this tooth fairy pillow I had made, along with five $1 bills.

I also bought him a couple new shirts. I almost bought the blue shirt in orange (I love buying the clothes in orange), but this blue shirt was so pretty, I bought it instead. I'm so glad I did, its such a pretty color. 

I also bought Tyler a few shirts so he could have a present to open too. Josh says I spoil my nephews, he's probably right. ;)

 When we got there, I was so excited to see both boys wearing their "I'd rather be with my aunt" shirts that I bought them for Christmas. It made my day!
Preston smiling for the camera before blowing out his candle. I always get a kick out of his smiles, he tries so hard that they turn out so funny.

Helping Tyler open his present.

 He immediately started trying to put a shirt on, so I helped him. Then he was ready to play again and wouldn't even pause for a picture. 

Preston opening his presents.

Tyler LOVES his grandpa. Josh was trying to play with Tyler, but Tyler just wanted his grandpa. About the time I took this picture, Tyler told Josh "go to nanna." Another funny that afternoon was while Preston and
I were walking back to grandma's house. He stopped to look at a cat and I told him to keep going. When he still wouldn't go, I told him I was cold because I didn't have my coat on. He looked at me and said "It's ok." Then he headed towards the house again.

When you asked Tyler to show you his teeth, this is the face he makes.

Just before we left Preston decided to put on one of his new shirts and pose for a picture. 

Also before we left, Barb gave us our birthday presents. Josh got a gift card to C-A-L Ranch and she gave me this pretty picture. 

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