Friday, February 10, 2012

11th Anniversary

When Josh got home from work on Wednesday he had these beautiful roses to celebrate our anniversary. Most years, I will hint whether I want flowers or not, but this year I didn't, so I was really surprised to see them. He picked out eleven roses for each of the eleven years we have been married. When the florist tried to get him to pick one more rose (to make a dozen) he told her he would do that next year when we celebrate twelve years. The guy in the line behind him grumbled something about he how couldn't believe we had made it eleven years when he couldn't make it two. Maybe he should take lessons from my husband since I happen to think he is the best husband in the world. ;)

He also got me a card. He is always able to find the most perfect card. This one said:
To the one I love on our Anniversary.

Then inside it said:
We've been through a lot,
you & I,
Since the day we got married,
but I still can't think of anyone
I'd rather have by my side.
Being married to you
has brought me
so much happiness,
and I want you to know,
today and always,
how much I love you.

Then his handwritten message said,
"Thank you so much for the last 11 years. I can't believe it, but I love you more now then I did then. Happy Anniversary Babe, I love you."

Yep, I truly believe he is the best husband ever.

This year, we kept our celebration smaller. We usually try to go out of town for a few days, but with all the traveling for his brother's wedding, we decided what we really wanted was just a quite day at home. The first luxury was just being able to sleep in. Then we got up and while I made breakfast, Josh spoiled me by doing the dishes that have piled up the last few days. I really am a lucky woman.

A few weeks ago, I took my rings to Zale's to get them resized. While there, they told me about a new necklace that was coming out. If I bought it in the first week of February, I could get it for just $20, after that it was going to sale for $120. So I decided to get it too. They shipped it with my ring and I decided to give it to Josh to give to me for our anniversary. ;) So we spent all day joking about what great taste he has to pick something so beautiful for me.

Yesterday we went to Vernal and did a little shopping. I bought some new shirts and a new pair of jeans and then Josh bought a new work vest that he has been wanting for a while now. I offered to buy him something else, but he said since he went to Ohio hunting, that could count as his gift. (Someday I will blog about that. I keep forgetting to get his camera from him.)

Then we went to a movie, followed by dinner at Don Pedro's. It was a great day, but more importantly its been an amazing eleven years.

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Jessica said...

Love all the different colored roses. What a fun idea getting 11 roses for the 11 years you've been married. :) I noticed your necklace this morning. I like it! Happy Anniversary!