Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Dinner 2012

Months ago (like Octoberish) I bought tickets to the Lady Antebellum concert. It was on Valentine's and seemed like a fun way to celebrate our anniversary.

Then Dallon decided to get married in February. Not that his wedding plans interfered any way with the concert, but as February got closer and closer, I stressed more and more. A weekend in St. George. A weekend in Loa. Then at the end of the month I am going to a scrapbook retreat. I was excited for the concert, but not about the traveling. And sleeping in another hotel. And eating out again. And again. And again. Before February even started, I was traveled out. I just wanted to stay home and have a peaceful day.

Then a few weeks ago, Jessica mentioned she was sad we wouldn't be here for Valentine's so we could do a dinner together. That night, I realized that sounded more fun then the concert. I have all the Lady Antebellum albums and can listen to them any time I want. So the next morning, I listed the tickets on KSL and within 10 minutes I had 4 different people contact me. I sold them to the first caller and told the rest sorry.

Then I told the hubs what I had done. I knew he wouldn't care and I was right. He's an even bigger home body then I am.

After that, Jessica and I planned our dinner. I think that's why Josh agreed so easily, now the pressure was off of him to take me out that night. And actually, in the end it worked out perfectly because Josh has become pretty busy at work and he would have had a hard time getting the time off. And when I woke up yesterday, I was so glad to know I wasn't about to travel again.

My Valentine's gift from Jessica.

I gave her a bag of the pink and white animal cookies, but forgot to take a pic, I'll upload that later. ;)

Jessica's beautiful table. I'm hosting St. Patrick's at my house and I can already tell you, my table won't be near as pretty.

We each took a few assignments to make dinner preparations less stressful.
Jessica made:
I made:

Everything turned out so yummy. I was STUFFED before dessert, but it was so pretty and DELISH that I had still two servings of it.

Josh had to go back to Vernal for work after dinner. But it was still a perfect evening. I have a few things for him that I'm going to give him when he's home in a few days. Hopefully he'll have something for me too. ;)

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Jessica said...

I'm so glad we were able to do this. It was a great evening with just the four of us. :) Thanks for the sweet compliment about my table. That made my day! Dinner was so good and I'm also excited about the cookies you gave me. ;)