Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just Because Flowers

Yesterday, a floral lady walked into the building with some pretty flowers. Because I sit at the front desk, I always get to see who is getting flowers. Not that it happens often, but I do work with a few ladies who have husbands who will have flowers delivered on birthday's and anniversaries. I'll even drop hints to Josh by telling him "So and so got flowers delivered to her today." Maybe some day he'll catch on. Although, on the other hand, when he does get me flowers, it is neat that he delivers them himself. I just want him to know his options for times when he isn't around for a hand delivery.

When flowers are delivered, the person will always say who they are for. I'll lie at first and tell them that's me, but then 2 secons later, I'll admit its not me, but I will deliver them to the correct person.

So imagine my surprise when yesterday they really were for me! It took my by surprise, espcially since its not my birthday or anniversary or really...anything. I eagerly ripped open the envelope to see that they were from my mom. Flowers for no reason at all is even better!

I also love the pot they came in.

Thanks mom, I love them. They have brought a lot of joy sitting in my desk at work. I love you too.


RMCarter said...

Just because flowers are the best kind! :)

Jessica said...

How sweet! I am loving that your mom sent you flowers at work. Good job, mom!