Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dallon & Natalie's Reception in Loa

This weekend, we headed to Loa, Utah for the wedding reception where Natalie grew up. 

On the way down Indian Canyon we got stuck behind this big truck. It was huge and took up both sides of the road. We had to follow it for about 5 miles (which equaled 30 minutes) before they could find a spot wide enough to let us, and the line of traffic behind us, pass. Can you see that odd orange spot on the rear axle?

Not a job I would want to have. And he was texting! I think I would just keep all of my attention on the road.

Natalie's family put together a beautiful reception. They had a candy bar.

And a gorgeous cupcake tree. 

They also had some Oreo balls and a chocolate fondue fountain with strawberries. 

Last week, a brother in-law asked Josh if he was prepared to decorate their car. Josh hadn't even thought about it. This time, Natalie's sister asked Josh to help her husband decorate the car. Of course he said yes. 

Natalie's grandpa Hiskey was parked right next to their car. He really didn't help, but he still posed for a picture. Then I took my camera in to show Dallon & Natalie, while holding my finger over Josh so they wouldn't see him. When I showed the picture to Dallon he exclaimed, "Grandpa Hiskey!"

I think this was Josh's way of acting out and getting revenge for having to wear a tie, a pink tie nonetheless.

They didn't make too big of a mess of the cake, at least not on each other. But Barb was pretty concerned about the mess they left on the floor. 

When Dallon went to take the garter off, Natalie told him to take it off...with his teeth! He even stopped right at her angle to pose for the photographer. The photographer loved that, she's never had someone stop and pose before. I can't wait to see the pictures she got. 

At the end of the night, I tried Natalie's shoes on and then went to show them to Josh. Natalie's little niece was very concerned that I was wearing her shoes so I didn't get a picture. It was another fabulous weekend with Josh's family. Next weekend is the Open House here in Mountain Home. I'm so glad we'll at least get to stay home and not have to travel. 

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