Friday, November 21, 2014

Josh's New Job

After working in the desert for 4 years, Josh decided he was ready for a change. So he started applying for jobs. His main goal was to find a job with more dependable hours so he could go back to school in the fall.

He applied for one job and felt like the interview went well. But then a week later, he received a letter in the mail saying he didn't get it. Then, 3 weeks later, he saw the same job again. We decided to try once again. It had just posted, so we figured it would be 2 weeks before we heard back.

The next morning, they called and offered him the job. The timing actually worked well. He was able to give his 2 week notice at his other job and enjoy his elk hunt before starting the new job.

He now works for Uintah Basin Medical Center on their construction crew. I had no idea the hospital even had a construction crew. But it makes sense, they are always adding on or redoing offices. They contract out their bigger additions, but Josh's crew does the smaller stuff.

Its been a different change for him, but he is enjoying it. The funniest thing so far was when they had to replace a wall in the OR. It is considered a sterile environment. Before they could even start, they had to send all of their equipment through the sterilization. Then they had to do that too and they had to wear hazmat-like suits while they worked in their. And they had to be super careful about keeping the dust down, so part of his job was just holding a vacuum hose to catch the drywall dust.

I still plan to go back to school the first of the year. But Josh is going to wait until the fall and start then. Sometimes I worry we have lost our minds to both be college students at the same time. But I know it will open doors for us and I'm grateful we'll be able to do it at once. 

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Jessica said...

So behind on my blog reading! But congrats Josh! It's fun seeing a familiar face at my new job. ;)