Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Watch your step

This weekend we let the kittens explore the world out of the box. Up until then, they hadn't figured out how to climb out of the box yet, but on Monday Josh called to inform me that "We have a jail break!"

On Saturday and Sunday, I got them out of the box first thing in the morning and then we put them back in just before bedtime.

This is where Josh was taking a nap on Saturday afternoon, on the floor in the front room, against the couch, with his pillows. Just his pillows?

Guess again. It was the kittens favorite place all day Saturday. When he napped, they napped too.
And played.
And napped some more.
And then, played some more.
We also started learning how to climb. We practiced mainly on the couch.

Finally, we made it! Dinner was our reward.
I think Ally had enough of the chaos. She went into hiding. Where she also got stuck.
So far they really haven't ventured out of the front room. This is the dog/cat bed. The corner cubby of the cat tower. We have been getting to know Zipper. He likes to stand on the top of the couch and playfully bat at them while they try to climb up.

They always seem to find each other when its time to eat.

Or time to nap. This is the only one that doesn't seem to mind sleeping alone.

And when he sleeps, he doesn't let anything bother him. These two wrestled on top of him, and he didn't stir. I don't think we have names yet, but we are trying a few out. This one was Geezer for about a day, but I hate it so right now he is nameless again. I should also mention that I'm still not sure they are all boys, but I seem to refer to them like they are. Josh is still calling this one Boots and I still hate that name. This one is Buddy, and that name just might stick. I hate that its a common name that a lot of people would use on their pets, but I like how it seems to fit him. For now, I'm calling this one Kisses, but I'm still trying out other names too.

My new favorite picture of them! It took several attempts to get all the kittens to look in the general direction of the camera.


Heather said...

Why doesn't anyone like the names I pick out>

Jessica said...

I love the climbing and wrestling. They learned so much since last week!