Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Kitten Feet and NAMES!

Kittens are officially EVERYWHERE! On Saturday night their new favorite place was under (and in) the recliner.

I may never have pictures of little hand prints on windows, but I can have pictures of little feet under the recliner!

Buddy decided to attack the camera. :)
On Saturday we decided on some names. This guy is our explorer. He was the first to explore down the hall, behind the washing machine, and just about every where else. When he climbed this mattress, I thought of Lewis and Clark. Lewis has been his name since.

This guy went through a lot of names. It started as Rebel. Josh didn't like that. Then it was Rascal. I didn't like that. Then it was Bandit. I still didn't like that. Then I forgot his name and called him Bullet. We both liked that.
On Friday I noticed this guy has a white mark in his forehead, so I tried Harry Potter. But I didn't like it. I really thought we would change his name, but it looks like he is Kisses. That's because each night when I get home (and each morning when I first get up) he always runs to my feet and looks up to me. I like to think he is ready for his lovings.
And of course there is Buddy. He is a lot like Kisses and likes to cuddle. That's the only name we've tried on him and we love it.
I don't have pictures, but on Saturday we took the kittens outside for a minute. They weren't sure what to think and spent most of the time trying to climb our legs. But Zipper was concerned. He sat at my feet and just cried! I don't know if he was jealous or concerned or what. But he was not happy. When he saw the kittens trying to climb my legs, he tried to. When I wouldn't let him, he'd cry some more. Then I turned around to check on a kitten and he jumped onto my back, and caught on my shirt, just below my neck. He didn't claw me, but I hurried and bent over so he wouldn't. Josh laughed for a good minute before he was able to calm down enough to get Zipper off of me. I left my camera in the house, so no pictures.

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jrs said...

those are a lot of kittens, they are very cute. thanks for stopping by my blog, i looked a bit at your other blog as well and was touched by many of your posts.

hope you have fun w/ those kittens