Saturday, April 26, 2014

Craft Night - Flower Door Hanging

Recently, I started following Front Porch Designs on Facebook. This lady lives in Vernal and sells some of her crafts on this group. I hadn't purchased anything yet, but I started following the group figuring I could keep my eye out for something I like. 

A few weeks ago, she announced she is going to start hosting craft nights. Her first night, she was offering 2 kits. One was a large flower to hang on your wall or door and the other was SPRING letters. The flower was so cute, I couldn't resist. I tried to get a few friends to go with me, but none of them could this month. So in the end, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went by myself. 

It started at 5:30 in Vernal, but because of work, I didn't get there until 6:00. Things were going pretty good when I got there, so I just snuck into a corner and started.  I did learn that the lady hosting the craft night is friends with a friend I've been going to the gym with. 

The wood was already cut out. I just had to trace my paper for the one flower and then paint the rest. 

I had thought about painting the entire thing, but then realized, the center would be covered by the next layer, so I left them blank. 

The craft night ended up at the gal's grandma's house. I got a kick out of the cats watching us through the kitchen window. Sometimes there was just one, but others times there would be three staring in at us. 

I LOVE how it turned out!

I thought about hanging it on our front door at home, but I'm not sure if it would hold up to a door opening and closing several times a day. So I decided to hang it on the door at my office. It matches my office perfectly.

I've already signed up for her next craft night and this time, my mom is going to join me. I can't wait!

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Jessica said...

The flower is so you! I love the cats too. ;)