Friday, May 16, 2014


A few weeks ago, Josh's company sent him to a part of the Book Cliffs to do a bird study. Unfortunately, he found more than birds.

He happened to hear a noise and looked into a cluster of trees. It was a bear. He was only able to get one picture with his phone, so its kind of hard to see. But she is right there in the center.

Right as he took the picture, he heard another noise... her two small cubs! And that is right when the momma bear noticed him. 

He said she was about 40 yards away when she noticed him. He had time to reach down and grab a large branch before she charged him. 

She literally got about 10 feet away from him and then just stopped and growled. Josh said he waved his arms a lot and hollered at her and then slowly backed his way back up the mountain side. 

Defiantly a scary experience. I'm just glad he was ok. 

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Jessica said...

I knew he had seen a bear, but I didn't know it charged him. Scary!