Friday, May 16, 2014

T-ball & Baseball

This year, both of Melanie's boys kept me busy for baseball season. Tyler had his first year of t-ball and Preston moved on to pitching machine baseball. I wasn't able to make it to every game, but at least to several of them. It kept me busy because Preston's games were on Monday & Wednesday and Tyler's games were on Tuesday and Thursday. It was also fun because I could hang with one of the nephews while the other one played. That made it even more entertaining. 

I didn't take pictures at every game, but here is a few of my favorites. 

Pictures from Tyler's games:

Pictures from Preston's games:

I've only taken Sage to two games with me. She is so easily excitable that it can be a chore. At the first game, she set still for literally 2 seconds. She spent the rest of the time watching people walk by.

The 2nd time I took her, she did a little better, for the first half. I was hungry so I decided to get a corn dog. And it would have been fine except the stick inside is sharp and long. I took a bite, and then pushed the stick down a little. Then I took a 2nd bite. But when I went to push the stick down more, Sage dove in and just took it off the stick completely. After that, she would not sit still; I think she was looking for more food. 

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Jessica said...

What a naughtly Sage stealing your corn dog. ;) So nice that you're close and able to support your nephews though. :)