Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nephew's Easter Gifts

Literally, the day after Christmas, I had a friend post this arcade style basketball game on Facebook for sale. She lives in Provo, so I didn't think much on it. But then Josh mentioned he needed to go to Provo and pick something up that weekend. So I sent her a message and asked if I could buy it from her. I thought it would be the perfect Easter gift for Preston and Tyler. And then in true "spoil them" aunt form, I did the pails too. 

Everything was a hit! Preston immediately filled his water gun and headed outside. 

We had Easter dinner with Josh's family. The best part was watching the boys try to get a cat out of the tree. (It had climbed up the day before and wouldn't come down.) I had mentioned, in a joking manner, to just use the hose to scare it out of the tree. A few minutes later, Josh looked out and the boys had the hose and were squirting at the tree. The cat was way up high (like 30 feet) and the water was only going into the air a few feet. The best part was, one boy would hold the hose and squirt up, but the water was just coming down and soaking the other boy. They both took turns and both ended up pretty wet. 

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