Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Josh wanted a new tackle box and I thought it would be a great Easter basket. He had marked one online that he really liked, so I ordered it for him. The thing is HUGE! I had it shipped to work so he wouldn't see it. We were making jokes that he was going to hide a body. Or that if he ever fell in the lake, he would sink with it because he would be too stubborn to let go and loose the stuff in it. 

I filled it a few fish hooks and an itunes card in the very top. Then I put some peeps, a new Wii game, and both the Hobbit movies on blu-ray in the upper part. 

Then I added various candies to the smaller compartments. It took a lot of candy to fill it and I didn't even fill all of the slots!

Since I knew he was getting a non traditional basket, I decided I wanted one too. I decided to ask for an automatic cleaning cat box. He filled it with tons of candy, Ever After on Blu-ray, the new Donkey Kong Wii game and a new necklace. 

It was also supposed to have a new salad shooter, but that came a day late. 

We are still perfecting how Josh can buy stuff online and surprise me. Since it was all on Amazon, he used my sister's account, but then paid with our debit card. I saw the charge on our account, but since Amazon sells everything, I still wasn't sure what I would be getting. I was 99% on the cat box since I told him it could be my Easter basket, but I didn't know what he would be putting in it.On Friday, I went to see my sister and she wouldn't let me in because I would see my "present". 

Then, on Saturday, I was trying to help Josh get his packages picked up. I stood in the kitchen while he hauled the "present" to the car. We were still missing one package (the salad shooter). We tried tracking it online and all it said was delivery between Thursday and Tuesday. So we headed home. On the way home, my sister called me and said, "when your litter box arrived there was a..." I laughed and handed the phone to Josh and told him my sister was telling me what I got. Like I said, I knew I was getting it, but I still laughed that she hid it so well, but then slipped anyways. 

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Jessica said...

Hope you're loving your new cat box!