Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nephew's Easter Gifts

This year, for Easter, I was only going to get each set of boys a gift to share. 
Two days after Christmas, I bought a basketball arcade game for Preston and Tyler and thought it would be a great Easter Gift. Then, I decided I would just get Valex & Daxsen a swimming pool.

But then, I saw my friend order these cute pails on Facebook and I had to get them. Last year, we did the egg hunt with (gasp) plastic bags. So when I saw these pails, I knew they were perfect. 

And I couldn't just give them an empty pail, I also filled them with an assortment of things. Each pail had a water gun, squirt fish, bubbles, chocolate bunny, playdoh and sidewalk chalk. 

The pail turned out really cute. But for some reason, one came with flowers on it. And as luck would have it, it was on the one for the pickiest child. Not that he's super picky, but any of the other three never would have noticed. This lady had to order them online, so there wasn't time to replace it. In the end, I dug out my Cricut and cut out some black dots to cover it. Proving, I probably could have done the whole project on my own. But it seemed just as easy to pay someone else. 

Last night, I took the pail to Valex and Daxsen. 

 So much fun stuff, they didn't know where to start. They are both talking so much. Valex was able to recognize his name and declared it AWESOME and Daxsen kept telling me his was yellow. 

We took our pails outside so we could try the sidewalk chalk. (It was a little too cold for the pool or the squirt guns.) This is when I realized, Daxsen is just like his aunt Savannah.

He tried each chalk to see what color they were, and then he LINED them up. 

And when he realized one was upside down, he fixed it!

Granted, mine would be in colored order, but he's only two, so I have plenty of time to help him with that. But seriously, the kid is OCD just like his aunt. I'm so proud. 

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Jessica said...

Those pails were definitely a very cute idea. :)