Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Santa & Colt

Most of the nephews have reached the age that they can recognize Josh in his Santa costume. Josh won't even play Santa if he know's Tyler & Preston will be there because he knows they'll know its him. He did play Santa at the daycare where Valex and Daxsen go. I had to work, but we decided that would be better. I think if I had been there, the boys would have figured it out. Even without me there, Josh thinks Daxsen knew he should know who it was, but couldn't quite figure it out. He said the whole time, Daxsen just looked at him with a look that said "I know you...but I can't quite place you."

This is Colt's second Christmas, so I knew I could be there and not give anything away. It actually worked out well, because it gave me in the insentive to go in early and take my Stat final. (By the way, I scored 146 out of 150!) I got home just in time to go with Josh to the Christmas party. 

Last year, Colt loved Santa and gave him a huge grin. This year, he wasn't having any of that. But Josh can tell you that is typical behavior of all kids that age. 

This was the best picture I could get as he squirmed to get away from Santa.

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