Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stupid Computer!

Yesterday I announced that I would try to do a Halloween special everyday this month. You may have noticed that I did two yesterday. Well at least that is what the computer would have you believe...

Last night I got home and I thought I would try to get a few posts done and then hold them as drafts. That way on days when I was busy I wouldn't have to spend time looking for information to post. I really didn't post the witches and cats trivia until this morning, but since I started composing it last night that is the date that was put on it.

I can now see that this will be a real problem for me. If you haven't noticed by now, I seem to be very talkative. Blogging is a great way to talk about what ever is on my mind, and no one can interrupt me. It's great! I have started several subject that have yet to be published because I am still polishing them off. What if I don't post them for weeks or months? Then everyone would miss out on my thoughts and we can't have that. I don't want to be ignored or forgotten!

Stupid Computer - or maybe I should say Stupid Computer IT guy. You make more than I do! Get it right!

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