Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I've had a few people ask me where I come up with all my Halloween ideas. I actually get them from a few different places.

I only buy magazines when they have some kind of pumpkin/Halloween feature on the front. And I am always fooled into thinking they are full of Halloween stories/ideas/crafts/recipes, when in reality there is only a few pages. Nevertheless, those pages are usually full of great ideas. I faithfully purchase the Taste of Home Halloween edition and it is always wonderful! There is so many recipes in there that I have yet to try, but they all look so good!

The other place I go when I need information is the Internet. My husband calls me the master Internet shopper because I can always find what I need on the Internet. And I can usually find it cheaper if I look hard. I have been to several different sites looking for Halloween stuff, but one that keeps popping up when I do a search is

As far as the pictures go, most of them are the many decorations I have around my home. When I post a recipe I try to include a picture of it. is a great recipe website and they usually include pictures. That is yet another quirk about me - I won't cook something out of a cookbook unless there is a picture that shows what it is supposed to look like. Mine never look as good, but they still taste wonderful.

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